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Projekt Martinj d.o.o.

Projekt Martinj d.o.o.

Company established for the purpose of land development in Omisalj with a total area of 7000 m2.

This land is located in the first row to the sea in a strategic position with the possibility of building a number of multi-residential buildings with a maximum of six residential units.

PROJEKT MARTINJ D.O.O. has decided to invest in this project for a number of reasons, and one of the main ones is that this land is one of the rare lands on the island of Krk, located by the sea, where it is possible to build residential buildings with up to six residential units. The above is important because all units of local self-government on the island of Krk have altered, modified or plan to change the spatial plan in order to reduce the number of housing units that can be built on a particular property. Thus, the Municipality of Malinska amended its plan and allowed the construction of only two housing units per parcel of land. Also, the city of Krk, by its spatial plan, allows the construction of four housing units per parcel of land.

Another reason we decided to make this investment is the large development of communal infrastructure below the land owned by the company, through the project of reconstruction of the entire communal infrastructure on the island of Krk through European funds. The result of a major investment in communal infrastructure in our project will be reflected through a new road, a new sewer, a new electrical grid, a new plumbing and the implementation of fiber optic cable for the internet to the company-owned real estate. This fact alone will increase the value of land owned by PROJEKT MARTINJ D.O.O. for a minimum of 50%.

In order to develop the project, we have started the process of obtaining a location permit for the construction of six residential units, which you can find out by viewing the visualizations from that project and contacting the project manager.

Projekt Martinj d.o.o.

Each of our partners would be pleased to own a residential unit on this property!
+385 91 222 1782 (HR, EN)
+385 97 713 3498 (HR, EN, ALB)